Marco Orsino

What LIMITLESS mean to me…


There’s no such thing as “limit” when it comes to health, since reaching a healthy well-being is a lifelong journey. To be a better version of yourself, you should build healthy habits which contributes to the overall health such as mental, physical and nutritional health — to make you fit and boost yourself confidence.

My Story

A lifelong fan of lifting weights – it has been Marco's passion for years. He has been actively competing in powerlifting since 2011 and have not lost since, one of the motivating factors he uses with dedication in pushing himself to remain on the top. Marco has experience in Filipino Martial Arts such as Arnis & TRACMA, and has been a boxing coach for over a year to learn new skills, adapting them to different kinds of sports.

Marco believes health and fitness shouldn’t ever feel restrictive – it should enhance the life you want to live. Enjoy the process of being a work in progress.  A philosophy he educates his clients on as he loves seeing his clients achieve and/or surpass their fitness goals. 


Fun Fact: Basketball is something Marco is still keen about, since playing passionately back in the day.  He still makes an effort to play once a week for a good conditioning workout and for skill retention. 

Favorite foods…

Pizza, cheeseburgers, fried chicken and steak!


Favorite music…

All music as long as it’s nice.

PT Services:


•Strength and Hypertrophy 

•Athletic Performance

•Fat Loss



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