Emily Tan

What LIMITLESS means to me...

"Pragmatic and positive attitude to doing the hard things - when we adopt this in our lives, detours and obstacles are limited to their power.  We are the authors of our lives, write well, edit often, that includes our embodiment of limitless living - move smart, live loud." 

My Story

A self-described ‘jack of all trades’, Emily is a fitness professional and course educator with over 15 years of experience in the wellness industry.  A co-founder of an aerial arts and pole dance academy, and an educator for the arts teacher training courses, she has worn several hats as a performer, practitioner and teacher in the modern circus arts space.  She hosted and choreographed the TV series Body Blaze on LiTV and has been featured in numerous magazines including CosmoBody HK, Hong Kong Tatler and The Star News Online. 


Emily is also a cancer survivor.  Diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in 2018, she dropped all her professional commitments and took time out for herself, spurring a period of self-reflection, which she now sees as sorely needed.  Her years spent working through her own mental adversities under the guidance of clinical psychologists and healers, reinforced the philosophy that health is beyond aesthetics.  Emily's movement-integrated healing journey further launched her into advocacy work for mental agility and wellness through projects, like the podcast Tackling Minds and an upcoming movement called Mental Muscle.


Fun fact: Emily won her first international pole championship in 2010, placed second in her first physique competition in 2016 and aspires to learn mounted archery

Favorite foods...

Steak, char siu, fried chicken and Malaysian food!

Favorite music...

Rap & rock music are my workout tunes!

  • Precision Nutrition

  • Functional Range Conditioning & Functional Range Assessment

  • TRX Course Instructor & trained in all TRX courses


  • Alexander Method of SMR 

  • CrossFit Level 1 & CrossFit Gymnastics

  • Floor Flow Teacher Training / Parkour Fitness / Pavigym Master Trainer / VIPR / Power Plate / THUMP Boxing Australia

  • Tackling Minds Podcast 

  • Mental Muscle advocate


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.